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PeakGloves - Compression Gloves

PeakGloves - Compression Gloves


⩗ Pain relief and prevention

⩗ Instant relief

⩗ Freedom of movement

⩗ Comfortable and breathable

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  1. Increased blood circulation: The compression helps improve blood circulation in the hands, which can promote muscle recovery.
  2. Wrist stabilization: They provide support and stability for the wrists, which is especially useful during sports or work that requires fine motor skills.
  3. Pain relief: They can help relieve pain and discomfort in the hands and wrists, especially from arthritis or overuse.
  4. Improved grip strength: The compression promotes better grip strength, which is beneficial both in everyday life and during sporting activities.
  5. Moisture management: This fingerless compression glove is made of breathable material that wicks away moisture and ensures a comfortable fit.
  6. Flexibility: The fingerless design allows your fingers to move freely, which is important for activities that require sensitivity, such as typing on a smartphone or keyboard.
  7. Increased performance: Improved blood circulation and support can improve performance and endurance during athletic activities.


Colors: Grey/Black/Purple/Pink/Nude

Size: S/M/L

Material: 46% Cotton + 8% Spandex + 46% Polyester


We need 1-3 days to process your order and then 7-14 days for delivery , depending on your location.

As soon as your order is ready for shipment, you will receive an email with your tracking number so you can check the progress of the delivery at any time.

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Heal your hands in no time

The invisible consequences of your actions..

Everyday hand problems such as pain and discomfort often have their origins in the activities we perform daily.

Prolonged activities such as typing on a keyboard or working with tools can lead to overuse pain and tendonitis .

Even simply lifting heavy loads or opening solid containers can strain your hands and cause discomfort.

Stay away from complaints

The PeakGloves are proven to help all your hand problems and complaints, such as:

⩗ Arthritis and tendonitis

⩗ Carpal tunnel syndrome

⩗ Overuse pain

⩗ Raynaud's syndrome

⩗ Wrist weakness

⩗ Hand edema

⩗ Dupuytren's contracture

These all-in-one gloves provide everything you need to return to your former vitality.

Developed & Recommended by Specialists

The PeakGloves have been thoroughly tested and recommended by orthopedists, hand surgeons, rheumatologists, physiatrists and occupational therapists.

"Compression gloves offer a promising non-drug treatment option for various hand conditions. Through their ability to improve circulation and support wrist stability, they may help reduce pain and promote recovery."

~ Dr. Michael Schmidt

30-day money back guarantee


How do the compression gloves work?

The PeakGloves compression gloves are close-fitting gloves that apply gentle pressure to the hands to improve circulation and relieve discomfort.

How often should compression gloves be washed?

Our PeakGloves compression gloves should be washed regularly depending on use and needs. We recommend hand washing in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.

Can I wear the compression gloves at night?

Yes, our compression gloves can also be worn at night to provide continuous support and relief from discomforts such as nighttime pain or swelling.

Can I carry out my normal activities while wearing gloves?

Yes, our compression gloves are designed to give you maximum freedom of movement while you go about your normal activities. You can use your hands as normal while enjoying the support and relief our gloves provide.